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How to encourage your ‘ex’ to agree to mediation

One of the challenges that divorcing couples have is both parties agree
ing to the process they will use to resolve their issues.  If one person is convinced that mediation is a good option in their situation, getting the other person’s “buy in” isn’t a given.  After all, you are in the midst of a major life change and probably aren’t in the most agreeable space with each other. How can you talk with the other person to reach agreement to use mediation? In a recent article on, Leah Hadley outlines suggestions that can help. The article is very readable and accessible.  Here are some highlights.

Be prepared for the communication: what makes you think mediation will be helpful to you both? Your ability to explain why you think it will be beneficial will help.

Be careful in your communication, choose a good time and approach to make the invitation.

Share what you’ve learned about mediation that convinced you it is a good choice.

Be prepared to answer questions that your spouse/partner may have about the mediation process.

This is not a good time to “force” the other person to agree with you, as that will likely convince them that mediation is NOT the way to go. Mediation is about collaborative decision making that is in both of your best interests. If they feel coerced into using this approach, it likely will result in them feeling like this is “your” process and won’t benefit them in the long run.

I am always available to talk with you or the other party to explain mediation and to answer questions. Just give me a call.

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