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Matt Fairbank is the Principal Consultant with Sageland Mediation. He has been a mediator since 1992 .... learn more

Mediation Services

  • Many businesses find that unresolved conflict is the largest preventable cost with which their company, organization or agency deals. Through working with Sageland Mediation to address the conflict productively and proactively, these preventable costs can be minimized or eliminated.
  • Married couples who are going through divorce and unmarried couples ending their relationship often need to sort out details related to their children's living situation and divide up their assets and debts. Mediation can be a great way to reduce the cost and time spent doing so, and ensures that the parties are the ones deciding what will happen.
  • Often families and heirs find themselves in intractable conflict when attempting to resolve issues related to wills and estates. Mediation can help! The WA State Trust and Estate Dispute Resolution Act gives you the option of requesting mediation to sort things out. Sageland can be your guide.
  • The prospect of talking about transitions in independence for elders and disabled individuals frequently leaves a feeling of dread for caring family members, especially when there are unrelated unresolved family issues. Having facilitated conversation through Sageland can help get you through and allow all to have a voice in decisions.
  • Our facilitation services can help agencies conduct public input sessions on important topics, ensuring that all voices are heard. They can help work groups sort out how to address change productively or improve communication. They are also available for not for profit board retreats and other group meetings.
  • When your group wants/needs to do strategic planning having an outside facilitator can really help. This allows all members of the leadership team to participate fully. Services can include conducting a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats), identifying goals and prioritizing them and then developing a work plan to accomplish your goals and objectives.

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How to encourage your ‘ex’ to agree to mediation

One of the challenges that divorcing couples have is both parties agree ing to the process they will use to resolve their issues.  If one person is convinced that mediation is a good option in their situation, getting the other person’s “buy in” isn’t a given.  After...
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Sageland Mediation Participates in Enterprise Challenge

This winter I took advantage of an opportunity to learn tips about opening a new business.  That opportunity was the Yakima County Development Association’s Enterprise Challenge.  The YCDA helps small, emerging businesses grow through a series of evening workshops and coaching on...
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How Mediators Can Guide Parents to Helpful Co-Parenting Skills

I recently read Oliver Ross’s article entitled “Divorce Mediation: A Prototype for Positive Co-Parenting” on’s website.  The article highlights the good things mediators do to model effective communication skills that parents can use during, and after, their divorce...
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Matt Fairbank participates in Mediation Panel at training for lawyers

I had the opportunity to participate in the Yakima County Volunteer Attorney Services’ annual Veterans’ Day Continuing Legal Education program last week. I participated in a panel on how attorneys can help their parties prepare for mediation. The panelists responded to questions...
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Holidays’ potentially challenging conversations

I was glad to be one of the experts interviewed for an article that Reporter Mai Hoang wrote for the Yakima Herald Republic on how to prepare for, and have, conversations with extended relatives on topics that may prove contentious or uncomfortable. You can read the article, and...
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Preparing for Mediation

Maryland Mediator, Sarah Malik, in an article “Doing Your Homework Before Mediation: Increasing the Likelihood of Success” recently outlined how people can effectively prepare for family law mediation sessions. Her tips are short but sweet and likely will be helpful to many...
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What does having one’s “Day in Court” really mean?

I was intrigued by the title, “If You Want Your ‘Day in Court’, Don’t Go to Court”.  The title sounds counterintuitive doesn’t it?  Author of the blog post, Michael Zeytoonian, a practicing attorney, mediator and arbitrator from Massachusetts, argues that what people really mean...
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Mediation and Civility

What can mediation teach us about civility? In the life of our nation, public discourse seems to be at an all-time low. People of different political persuasions have a very hard time listening to each other and demonizing “the other” is rampant. The ties that bind us together...
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The Wisdom of Native Americans

As part of my keeping abreast of new developments in the field of mediation, I read articles by other dispute resolution professionals on This one really struck me as both having a lot of good content for mediators and resonating with my experience as a mediator. In...
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